BASSUAH LEGACY FOUNDATION (BLF) promotes social inclusion and relieves the needs of single parents and their children. Since being founded in September 2019, our philanthropic vision has focused on finding ways to empower single parent families to build new and better legacies for themselves, their children and dependants. We now have two operating branches, one in London (United Kingdom) and the other Accra (Ghana).

Aims & Objectives

Our Charity has FIVE main aims & objectives that it focuses on to help deliver support to single parents and their dependants:

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Here are some of the key volunteers working behind the scene to help our organisation succeed. Bringing in expertise from both their professional lives as well as personal experiences to provide us a strong foundation and help us deliver on our outcomes.

Meet Our Volunteering Founder & CEO

Dr. Christina Konadu
Founder & CEO

Dr. Christina Konadu founded Bassuah Legacy Foundation in 2019 and has been working hard to support single parent families in Shepherds Bush and the surrounding area through these difficult years.

“The families we help have been hit hard by the current rising cost-of-living crisis, this has come on top of the challenging pandemic we faced and added more pressure to the issues that they face. I want to pay tribute to these families for the resilience they have shown in the face of adversity and as a voluntary organisation, to our wonderful team of hard-working volunteers who have made sure that we can deliver the impact that we have made so far. In the coming years, we want to grow as a charity and hopefully start to take on paid staff so we can reach more people and deliver more impact, but we would not be where we are without the dedication of our volunteers.”

Meet Our Volunteering Trustees

Executive Director


Leadership Support

BLF Ghana

Charity Governance

Logistics Manager

Meet Our Volunteering Finance Team

Our Finance Team is responsible for managing our financial records internally and keeping records for our external stakeholders including funders.

Finance Manager

The Funding Team is tasked with researching for relevant funds that are aligned with our aims & objectives as well helping us measure the impact of the work we do with our allocated funds.

Head of Fundraising

Meet Our External Auditing Team

Good financial practice is essential to every organisation, regardless of size, location or purpose and LAP helps BLF to build and maintain the best financial practices over the years.

Paul (Senior Accountant) & Ade (Director)

Meet Our Staff

With the increase in membership and demand for our services, our Staff and Support Team are here to ensure that members get the right support they need, individually and collectively.

Director of Community Projects

General Manager

Retail Assistant

Meet Our Volunteering Support Team

New Member Coordinator

New Member Coordinator

New Member Coordinator

Community Engagement Coordinator

Events & Services Coordinator

Programmes Coordinator

Meet Our Patrons

Lourdes Castillo says “Being positive and passionate about what I am doing is what drives me to reach my goals and keep setting new ones.”

She has stuck by that motto since she walked through the door of Bassuah Legacy charity and has been relentless in pushing the agenda of the foundation.

Lourdes with some of our team during an International Women’s Day an event at her company.

Jamie Meyer is a devoted family man, he has been a keen supporter of Bassuah Legacy Foundation in our mission to empower lone parent families within the community.

Over the years, Jamie and his family continue to contribute financially to Bassuah Legacy Foundation as well as providing hands on support to achieve help the aims and objectives of the charity.

Jamie at our Charity Event with CEO Christina and Cllr Ben Coleman

BLF Single Parents Events