BASSUAH LEGACY FOUNDATION (BLF) promotes social inclusion and relieves the needs of single parents and their children. We support single parent families that are socially and economically deprived.

Our philanthropic vision is to empower single parent families to 
build new and better legacies for themselves, their children and 
dependants by providing poverty relief, poverty prevention and promoting 
social inclusion among these single parent families.

By becoming a supporter and donor (financial/material), you directly impact 
the future generations of single parent families and their children
 within our communities to build a legacy that has positive and
progressive transformational impact on generations to come.

Meet The Team

Christina Konadu
CEO & Founder

Having lived the challenges as a single parent, I now want to help want build a safe space and source of support that I lacked. It is our aim to give a voice for and to the benefit all single parents and their dependants.

Finbarr Bassuah

Managing Director

Finbarr enjoys gathering information, moulding it into messages that will help further our Foundation’s mission and empower those that come to seek support from BLF. He’s the author of The 8 Keys To Successful Living.

Natasha Kataria

Secretary & Treasurer

Natasha’s keen eye for detail, passion for community projects and experience in managing finances for various charitable projects help contribute to our Foundation’s work in ensuring that resources are directed in the most effective way.

Edwin Cole

Head of Logistics Management

Edwin has years of experience in supply chain management and customer care, all of which are essential to furthering the Foundation’s objects in providing the needed support to single parent families, their children and the general public.

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Neelam Cartmell

Volunteer Coordinator

Neelam’s career has always revolved around stakeholder management and achieving buy-in to ensure projects achieve their full potential. Her experience and passion for connecting with the community will help to organise and encourage volunteers for our charitable endeavour.

BLF Single Parents Event 2020