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We have organised numerous FREE social events for our members. Previous social trips include visit to Legoland, Brighton Sea Side, Madame Tussaud’s and London Zoo to name a few. We hold regular Coffee Mornings as well as Annual General Meetings (AGM).


Providing various programmes such health and wellness programmes that makes it easier for single parents and their dependants to become more proactive in taking care of their health and wellbeing.

General Services & Support 

In addition to providing bespoke supports to meet our members individual needs, we also offer FREE General Support to all our members consisting FREE Voucher to our Charity Shop, Essential Shopping, Council Services and much more.


In this section you will find all the information relating to our employment and volunteering opportunities. We are keen on providing CV support, job search and interview skills, hands on/practical support to gain employment skills, as well as volunteering opportunities for different roles within our charity such as, retail, admin, finance, social media and many more.

EMPLOYMENT MONITORING FORMS: These monitoring forms help us get a better understanding of the work we are doing and your feedback is invaluable to improving our services.
Enhanced DBS

All volunteers working with the public, our members, and their families are required to have a DBS check and staff are required to have an enhanced DBS check. If this is not provided by you at the time of joining our team or if you do not have a current DBS/Enhanced DBS you can apply for one using our partners at the Masbro Centre, 87 Masbro Road, W12 0LR. Please contact Monica Sulzak Tel: 0207 605 0800.

This is a standard procedure for all staff & volunteers who work with the public or in a situation where there may be vulnerable people. The check is carried out in a professional and confidential manner in line with government guidelines on safeguarding.

You will be supervised until your DBS/Enhanced DBS is completed and the charity is confident, at our discretion, that the DBS/Enhanced DBS is satisfactory in line with our child and adult safeguarding policies.


Being a registered member or by default of using our services you agree to adhere to our polices which are outlined below.

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